Gift Card Printing

Custom gift card is a card given to receiver to purchase goods and services on a special price. It is a kind of a debit card that permits the user to use. It is an adorable gesture to present a gift card to your dear; it is most likely and easy way to purchase. There is a full liberty of choice and customer purchase in the same way as they used to buy other products. It is not liquid money in fact it is non-monetary money.

Card can be made with different style and design. It can be customized. User can create card according to it choice. Custom gift cards are also created by different companies but few of them provide custom cards. Following information is required to build a card. Person or user name, phone number, identification number, postal address, emails address and so on. Only basic information and data is required. Such information is required for security purpose. Data is protected. Gift card can be combined with some other card by submitting small amount of fee. Most of the gift cards are ordered over the phone in large volume like in cooperate sectors. Before issuing the card user should confirm the amount, and amount can be given in form of cheque.

Consumer can personalize and customized gift cards. They can create and build card according to their taste and thoughts. They can put their picture can create creative work or keep it simple. All depend on their choice. They can even use the technology according to their choice. It takes hardly a couple of minutes to create a card if the idea is in customers mind. Everyone can purchase the gift card off the rack. If you show the value to someone near you can make a customized gift card although it is not as easy as its looks since you need to put the image, graphics different styles and designs. There is an easy way to select a custom gift cards and that is you can pick the card which is already available and do some changes on it like this you will not feel burden and it will leave good impressions on others as if a lot of hard work is done on it. Custom gift cards are always attracted by the customers.

These cards are quite flexible and easy to use. There are different types of gift vouchers that can be used in specific and particular shop. There are rules and regulation in which user cannot change the voucher’s conditions until and unless authority is given. Risk can be minimized by getting vigilant about terms and conditions, before receiving the gift card user should see expiry date, user should know in how many chains this card can be used for instance there must be variety of outlets on which customer can buy product or avail services. Try to use gift card as quickly as consumer can to avoid expiry.

100 pcs 250 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2000 pcs 3000 pcs 5000 pcs 10000 pcs
$119 $159 $209 $289 $519 $699 $809 $1399
  • Custom Made
  • Choose many different type of cards
  • Long Lasting
  • Variable and Multipurpose
  • Boost Organization Image
  • Increase Sales of Business
  • Use Germany Heidelberg
  • commercial printing machine
  • Offset Print Method
  • Made from 100% pvc plastic material
  • Not Paper Composite
  • Production procedure and
  • print material same as credit card
  • Standard Card 3.375 x 2.125”
  • 85mm x 54mm
  • 30ml and 12ml Thickness
  • Default Glossy Finish
  • Round Corner
  • Durable
  • Water Resist
  • Full Color Both Sides
  • Production Time:Estimated 12-14 working days note that all cards are custom made, each card have difference add on and options, production time may vary.
  • Accepted File Format -
  • PSD. PDF. AI. EPS. JPEG. TIFF. JPEG and TIFF fill need to be 600 dpi PSD. PDF. AI. EPS. Need to be 300dpi All fonts need to be outlined before submitting artwork
  • There will be 1/8” Bleed on all artwork